“Designing the Wild and Cultivating the City” a lecture by Fritz Haeg 4:36 pm, September 16, 2011

We are pleased to announce that on September 20, California-based artist and architect Fritz Haeg will give a lecture as part of the Greenhouse Projects! Haeg is internationally recognized for his genre-bending work, blending his background in architecture with ecology to create art that provokes new discussion about how we interact with the environment. For this lecture, Haeg will discuss his work, including the Edible Estates project. Edible Estates is an international project that transforms domestic lawn spaces into edible gardens. These widely-acclaimed installations have taken place in cities as varied as Istanbul, Austin, London, Los Angeles and New Jersey’s own Maple Shade city. Photos can be seen in his book Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn. In 2008, Haeg expanded Edible Estates into a new project, Animal Estates, to advocate for the strategic reintroduction of native species into city environments. The project debuted at the Whitney Biennial in New York 2008.

Join us as Haeg talks about his approach to re-imagining urban space and the many ways to interact with nature.

For more details about Fritz Haeg, check out his website.

Free reservations are required. To register, contact museum@amphilsoc.org or 215.701.4421

Hope to see you there!

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